The Ideas of Edgar Cayce



                 (From the book “Channeling Your Higher Self” by Henry Reed, ARE Press, 2007)

I. Channeling

1. Ideas are real. Thoughts are things. Consciousness (the idea realm) is the fourth dimension.

2. There is only one mind, a single universal mind that we all have in common.

3. We are all channelers: Receiving from the idea realm, shaping the invisible into the physical. 

4. We can transcend our programming and choose which idea patterns we will channel.  

5. We can choose idea patterns that conform to our highest values. What is my ideal?

6. Know your ideal. Reflect upon it. Cultivate it within your mind.

7. Develop oneself as a channel through which the ideal flows and express it in your living. 

8. The Mind is the builder, the pattern maker.

9. Spirit is the Life. The Mind is the Builder. The Physical is the Result. 

10. Consciousness shifts affect your atoms.

11. The endocrine system channels patterns of psychic and mental energy into physical patterns within the body and vice versa. Its where mind and body merge.

12. Our mission in life: To become a channel of blessings.  This is how we manifest God. 

II. The Higher Self

1. We all have a higher self

2. The higher self is the soul’s awareness of itself. 

3. The higher self is that part of us that realizes its oneness with God and serves God. 

4. The sense of self as separate (from the higher self, the universal mind) promotes fear.

5. Restlessness is a conflict between the higher self and what we think we should do.

6. Cayce recommends Christ Consciousness as an Ideal.

III.  Levels of Consciousness

1. The soul exists in a dimension of eternity where time and space do not exist.

2. Each level of mind channels a type of information. 

3. The conscious level channels the sensory, the subconscious channels the telepathic, the super conscious channels the clairvoyant (beyond time and space).

4. The super conscious is oracular and speaks an unchanging message (love, justice, wisdom, humility, compassion, service, knowledge, self respect).

5. Subconscious minds are in contact with one another (we are all telepathic). 

6. The subconscious mind interprets impressions (through intuition, imagination) from the super conscious mind so the conscious mind can express it in words. 

7. The subconscious survives death.

IV. Intuition/Imagination

1. Intuition is a super channel. It uses all channels. 

2. Intuition is attunement to the invisible realm.

3. Intuition expresses itself through imagination (dreams, visions, symbols, impressions, feelings, thoughts, voices, vibes). 

4. Imagination is the one organ of perception that can attune to the infinite. 

III. Dreams

1. In sleep we become pure intuition. 

2. Dreams are a nightly channeling of the higher self. 

3. The higher self is often symbolized in dreams: Eg.: The wise old man/woman, the guardian angel, the teacher, the divine child, the owl, the beautiful lover, the Tree, Buddha, Jesus.

4. Notice and value dream appearances of your higher self. Listen.

5. Dreams respond to your questions and, more so, to your intent to apply them. 

6. Having a purpose for a coming dream is an excellent way to understand the subsequent dream. 

7. Dreams are real experiences in the spiritual dimension. 

8. Think less about what dreams mean and more about the dimensions of consciousness they reveal.

IV. Methods for Channeling Higher Spiritual Vibrations 

1. Art is a way we can manifest spirit in the material world.

2. Music, of all art forms, can help bridge the gap between physical body and super conscious. 

3. Story telling is a way of activating idea patterns in others. Story telling uses symbols to activate energy patterns that can move us towards the higher self.

4. The Voice is the highest vibration we can achieve within the physical body. 

5. Cooperation is an excellent form of channeling. It is setting the self aside for a greater good (the higher self). Cooperation also allows us to witness our unique contributions. 

6. Nature: To harmonize with nature is to harmonize with the essential self.  

7. The creative forces at work in nature also flow through our bodies. 

8. Love is highest form of attunement. 

9. That consciousness that is aware of itself as being one with creation is able to channel creation.

VII.  Purpose

1. We are each spirit in a physically channeled form. 

2. It is the individuality of the soul, not the personality of the ego, that needs expression. 

3. Universal intelligence becomes unique when channeled through a single, conscious person. 

4. “I’m trying to live my life, a task so difficult its never been tried before!”

5. When meditating focus on your ideal. Channel the pattern of energy contained in that ideal. 

6. Locate awareness in the heart not the head. Feel (intuit!) the higher level. 

7. God isn’t above but within. Raise the consciousness within (not outside) the self.

8. Christ consciousness: The awareness of being both an individual and one with God (crossed). 

9. Be spontaneous, watch yourself go by and don’t stand in the way.

10. Shift from striving to being.

11. Being ourselves, who we really are, is an ideal means of channeling the higher self.

Compiled by Steven Prasinos, Ph.D.  (203) 266-4003