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 Steven Prasinos, Ph.D.
                       Woodbury, CT      203-266-4003

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Prasinos, Psychologist, Woodbury, CT, counseling, therapist, Jungian
Healing through Compassion

You are not a diagnosis.  You are not a disorder.
You are a person, like all persons, seeking peace, connection and harmony.

Psychotherapy is a proven means of furthering this search.
It is a supportive, collaborative relationship. 
It's goal is to enhance satisfaction with life.

Personal Growth is Possible

Dr. Prasinos provides counseling to adults and adolescents.
He offers individual therapy, marriage 
counseling and family therapy.

Dr. Prasinos is an experienced, well trained 
therapist, licensed in Connecticut.

He offers a coherent blend of
psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and 
spiritual approaches.

Dr. Prasinos will listen and be supportive.
He will offer clear feedback and achievable challenges.

Psychotherapy is a gift to yourself

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Dr. Prasinos offers psychotherapy to patients 15 and older. 
He conducts Individual, Couples and Family Therapy. 
He treats a wide variety of issues including difficulties with anxiety, depression and anger. 
He specializes in emotional well being, healthy thinking and relationship skills. 
He has expertise in healing via art, dream interpretation and spiritual growth.

For further information please call 203-266-4003.

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